The Institute of Medical Genetics (IMG) of the University of Zurich is engaged in research, undergraduate and graduate teaching, specialist training and continuous education, as well as in clinical and laboratory diagnostics and genetic counseling of patients with genetic disorders.

Major referral reasons to our genetic outpatient clinic are children and adults with suspected developmental disorders, suspicion of hereditary cancer syndromes (eg., breast cancer, colon cancer), connective tissue diseases (eg. Marfan or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), growth disorders (eg. undergrowth, overgrowth), neuromuscular disorders, visual and hearing impairments, and many other entities of known or suspected genetic origin. Genetic testing and counseling for couples with infertility, familial hereditary diseases, pathological findings of the fetus during pregnancy or general counseling on possibilities and limitations of prenatal testing are further common topics addressed in our outpatient clinic.

Current research projects aim to unravel genetic causes and underlying molecular mechanisms of developmental delay, intellectual disability, epileptic encephalopathy, moyamoya disease, Joubert syndrome and chromosomal disorders, as well as rare diseases and personalized medicine. The immediate translation of latest research findings into medical practice is an important concern for us.

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