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E-mail Outage of 8th of March 2024

The Institute of Medical Genetics experienced an email outage. This has now been resolved. More information can be found in this article.



E-mail Outage- solved !

E-mail Outage - solved!

We were able to implement a workaround on Saturday morning (9th of March 2024) at around 09:30. Emails sent within the last 24 hours (between 08/03/24 09:30 and 09/03/24 09:30) are now sent and received HIN-secured as usual. 

What do I have to do if I have received a NDR?

The senders of older e-mails (before 08/03/24, 09:30 hrs.) have received a Non-Delivery Report (NDR). We ask the senders of e-mails who have received such an NDR to resend their e-mail to the intended recipient.

We apologize for the problems caused, also on behalf of UZH's Central IT.

If you have any questions or require assistance with sending HIN-secured emails, please contact our ICT department at

Start: 8th of March 2024 at 14:00 hrs.
End: 9th of March 2024 at 09:30 hrs.

Björn Kleijkers