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Vandewalle, J; Van Esch, H; Govaerts, K; Verbeeck, J; Zweier, C; Madrigal, I; Mila, M; Pijkels, E; Fernandez, I; Kohlhase, J; Spaich, C; Rauch, A; Fryns, J P; Marynen, P; Froyen, G (2009). Dosage-dependent severity of the phenotype in patients with mental retardation due to a recurrent copy-number gain at Xq28 mediated by an unusual recombination. American Journal of Human Genetics, 85(6):809-822.

Zweier, C; de Jong, E K; Zweier, M; Oricco, A; Ousager, L B; Collins, A L; Bijlsma, E K; Oortveld, M A V; Ekici, A B; Reis, A; Schenck, A; Rauch, A (2009). CNTNAP2 and NRXN1 are mutated in autosomal-recessive Pitt-Hopkins-like mental retardation and determine the level of a common synaptic protein in Drosophila. American Journal of Human Genetics, 85(5):655-666.

Lyle, R; Béna, F; Sarantis, G; Gehrig, C; Lopez, G; Schinzel, A; Lespinasse, J; Bottani, A; Dahoun, S; Taine, L; Doco-Fenzy, M; Cornillet-Lefèbvre, P; Pelet, A; Lyonnet, S; Toutain, A; Colleaux, L; Horst, J; Kennerknecht, I; Wakamatsu, N; Descartes, M; Franklin, J C; Florentin-Arar, L; Kitsiou, S; Yahya-Graison, E A; Costantine, M; Sinet, P M; Delabar, J M; Antonarakis, S E (2009). Genotype–phenotype correlations in Down syndrome identified by array CGH in 30 cases of partial trisomy and partial monosomy chromosome 21. European Journal of Human Genetics, 17(4):454-466.

Lemke, J R; Beck-Wödl, S; Zankl, A; Riegel, M; Krämer, G; Dorn, T (2009). Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy with photosensitivity in a female with Velocardiofacial syndrome (del(22)(q11.2))--causal relationship or coincidence? Seizure - European Journal of Epilepsy, 18(9):660-663.

Segel, R; Levy-Lahad, E; Pasutto, F; Picard, E; Rauch, A; Alterescu, G; Schimmel, M S (2009). Pulmonary hypoplasia-diaphragmatic hernia-anophthalmia-cardiac defect (PDAC) syndrome due to STRA6 mutations--what are the minimal criteria? American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A, 149A(11):2457-2463.

Valencia, M; Lapunzina, P; Lim, D; Zannolli, R; Bartholdi, D; Wollnik, B; Al-Ajlouni, O; Eid, S S; Cox, H; Buoni, S; Hayek, J; Martinez-Frias, M L; Perez-Aytes, A; Temtamy, S; Aglan, M; Goodship, J A; Ruiz-Perez, V L (2009). Widening the mutation spectrum of EVC and EVC2: ectopic expression of Weyer variants in NIH 3T3 fibroblasts disrupts Hedgehog signaling. Human Mutation, 30(12):1667-1675.

Hoyer, J; Kraus, C; Hammersen, G; Geppert, J P; Rauch, A (2009). Lethal cutis laxa with contractural arachnodactyly, overgrowth and soft tissue bleeding due to a novel homozygous fibulin-4 gene mutation. Clinical Genetics, 76(3):276-281.

Kleefstra, T; van Zelst-Stams, W A; Nillesen, W M; Cormier-Daire, V; Houge, G; Foulds, N; van Dooren, M; Willemsen, M H; Pfundt, R; Turner, A; Wilson, M; McGaughran, J; Rauch, A; Zenker, M; Adam, M P; Innes, M; Davies, C; López González-Meneses, A; Casalone, R; Weber, A; Brueton, L A; Navarro Delicado, A; Bralo Palomares, M; Venselaar, H; Stegmann, S P A; Yntema, H G; van Bokhoven, H; Brunner, H G (2009). Further clinical and molecular delineation of the 9q subtelomeric deletion syndrome supports a major contribution of EHMT1 haploinsufficiency to the core phenotype. Journal of Medical Genetics, 46(9):598-606.

Türkkani-Asal, G; Alanay, Y; Turul-Ozgür, T; Zenker, M; Thiel, C; Rauch, A; Unal, S; Gürgey, A; Tezcan, I (2009). Mild clinical phenotype and subtle radiographic findings in an infant with cartilage-hair hypoplasia. Turkish Journal of Pediatrics, 51(5):493-496.

Cordeddu, V; Di Schiavi, E; Pennacchio, L A; Ma'ayan, A; Sarkozy, A; Fodale, V; Cecchetti, S; Cardinale, A; Martin, J; Schackwitz, W; Lipzgen, A; Zampino, G; Mazzanti, L; Digilio, M C; Martinelli, S; Flex, E; Lepri, F; Bartholdi, D; Kutsche, K; Ferrero, G B; Anichini, C; Selicorni, A; Rossi, C; Tenconi, R; Zenker, M; Merlo, D; Dallapiccola, B; Iyengar, R; Bazzicalupo, P; Gelb, B D; Tartaglia, M (2009). Mutation of SHOC2 promotes aberrant protein N-myristoylation and causes Noonan-like syndrome with loose anagen hair. Nature Genetics, 41(9):1022-1026.

Thiel, C; Wilken, M; Zenker, M; Sticht, H; Fahsold, R; Gusek-Schneider, G C; Rauch, A (2009). Independent NF1 and PTPN11 mutations in a family with neurofibromatosis-Noonan syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A, 149A(6):1263-1267.

Tibelius, A; Marhold, J; Zentgraf, H; Heilig, C E; Neitzel, H; Ducommun, B; Rauch, A; Ho, A D; Bartek, J; Krämer, A (2009). Microcephalin and pericentrin regulate mitotic entry via centrosome-associated Chk1. Journal of Cell Biology, 185(7):1149-1157.

Hilton, E; Johnston, J; Whalen, S; Okamoto, N; Hatsukawa, Y; Nishio, J; Kohara, H; Hirano, Y; Mizuno, S; Torii, C; Kosaki, K; Manouvrier, S; Boute, O; Perveen , R; Law, C; Moore, A; Fitzpatrick, D; Lemke, J; Fellmann, F; Debray, F G; Dastot-Le-Moal, F; Gerard, M; Martin, J; Bitoun, P; Goossens, M; Verloes, A; Schinzel, A; Bartholdi, D; Bardakjian, T; Hay, B; Jenny, K; Johnston, K; Lyons, M; Belmont, J W; Biesecker, L G; Giurgea, I; Black, G (2009). BCOR analysis in patients with OFCD and Lenz microphthalmia syndromes, mental retardation with ocular anomalies, and cardiac laterality defects. European Journal of Human Genetics, 17(10):1325-1335.

Harmsen, M B; Azzarello-Burri, S; García Gonzalez, M M; Gillessen-Kaesbach, G; Meinecke, P; Müller, D; Rauch, A; Rossier, E; Seemanova, E; Spaich, C; Steiner, B; Wieczorek, D; Zenker, M; Kutsche, K (2009). Goltz–Gorlin (focal dermal hypoplasia) and the microphthalmia with linear skin defects (MLS) syndrome: no evidence of genetic overlap. European Journal of Human Genetics, 17(10):1207-1215.

Bartholdi, D; Krajewska-Walasek, M; Ounap, K; Gaspar, H; Chrzanowska, KH; Ilyana, H; Kayserili, H; Lurie, I W; Schinzel, A; Baumer, A (2009). Epigenetic mutations of the imprinted IGF2-H19 domain in Silver-Russell Syndrome (SRS): Results from a large cohort of patients with SRS and SRS-like phenotypes. Journal of Medical Genetics, 46(3):192-197.

Bernier-Latmani, J; Baumer, A; Shaw, P (2009). No evidence for mutations of CTCFL/BORIS in Silver-Russell syndrome patients with IGF2/H19 imprinting control region 1 hypomethylation. PLoS ONE, 4(8):e6631.

Eberle, P; Berger, C; Junge, S; Dougoud, S; Büchel, E; Riegel, M; Schinzel, A; Seger, R; Güngör, T (2009). Persistent low thymic activity and non-cardiac mortality in children with chromosome 22q11.2 microdeletion and partial DiGeorge syndrome. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 155(2):189-198.

Engels, H; Wohlleber, E; Zink, A; Hoyer, J; Ludwig, K U; Brockschmidt, F F; Wieczorek, D; Moog, U; Hellmann-Mersch, B; Weber, R G; Willatt, L; Kreiss-Nachtsheim, M; Firth, H V; Rauch, A (2009). A novel microdeletion syndrome involving 5q14.3-q15: clinical and molecular cytogenetic characterization of three patients. European Journal of Human Genetics, 17(12):1592-9.

Niedrist, D; Lurie, I W; Schinzel, A (2009). 4q32-q35 and 6q16-q22 are valuable candidate regions for split hand/foot malformation. European Journal of Human Genetics, 17(8):1086-1091.

Paskulin, G A; Riegel, M; Cotter, P D; Kiss, A; Rosa, R F M; Zen, P R G; Mombach, R; Graziadio, C (2009). Inv dup del(4)(:p13 → p16.3::p16.3 → qter) in a girl without typical manifestations of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, 149A(6):1302-1307.

Paskulin, Giorgio A; Riegel, Mariluce; Cotter, Philip D; Kiss, Andrea; Rosa, Rafael F M; Zen, Paulo R G; Mombach, Rômulo; Graziadio, Carla (2009). Inv dup del(4)(:p13-->p16.3::p16.3-->qter) in a girl without typical manifestations of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A, 149A(6):1302-1307.

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