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  • Fabienne Meier-Abt acquired a Honors Bachelor in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, UK, an MD at Yale University School of Medicine, USA, and a PhD in experimental breast cancer research at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel CH.



  • Fabienne is board-certified in clinical hematology and in training for an additional board-certification in medical genetics.
  • During a Filling-the-Gap fellowship of the University of Zurich and a personalized health and related technologies (PHRT) transition postdoctoral fellowship at the ETH Zurich, Fabienne worked in close collaboration with colleagues from Prof. Ruedi Aebersold’s laboratory to develop a new highly sensitive proteomics method. This enabled for the first time the proteomic analysis of rare, highly enriched human hematopoietic cell subpopulations.
  • After acquiring ethical approval and collecting numerous patient samples, Fabienne used this new proteomics method to characterize malignant cells in different hematologic malignancies on the level most relevant for cell functionality: the protein level.
  • For this work, Fabienne was awarded with the Young Investigator Award of the Brupbacher Symposium in 2019 and the Mia Neri Early Career Award of the European Society of Human Genetics in 2022.

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Group leader

Fabienne Meier-Abt, MD PhD

Institute of Medical Genetics
University of Zurich
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Tel: +41 44 556 33 18